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The Honey Child Prenatal Education Program

A Faith-Based Program for African American Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Photo The Honey Child Prenatal Education Program has been designed to provide African-American women with the culturally-appropriate information and support needed to have the healthiest possible pregnancy and birth outcome. The intervention targets African-American women of childbearing age with a specific focus on women ages 18-35.

Honey Child has two core program components:

  • Group Prenatal Education Sessions: A cognitive component, designed to provide accurate and timely information in the area of prenatal care and pregnancy; and
  • Mentoring: A social support component designed to empower and encourage participants to make behavior changes in those areas that need improvement (e.g., seeking prenatal health care)—or to support existing behaviors that promote healthy pregnancies.

Honey Child Group Photo Honey Child uses a spiritual approach to promote prenatal health. The curriculum incorporates interactive group activities such as prenatal yoga and exercise as well as individual reflection and spiritual messaging, making it an appropriate prenatal health education program for the church setting. The Honey Child curriculum includes six sessions of two hours each. Topics include: Nutrition, Relaxation and Exercise, Prenatal Care, Self-Esteem, Preterm Birth, and Labor & Delivery.

Each group consists of 6-12 women who share similar due dates. The women participate in monthly group discussions led by a facilitator. The facilitator encourages group discussion about prenatal health topics in place of a lecture. This learning style encourages the facilitator to learn with the participants. It also encourages the women to learn from each other’s experiences. In addition, each participant is assigned a mentor. The role of the mentor is critical. The mentor provides weekly one-on-one social support in addition to reinforcing positive health behaviors discussed in the group. Mentors are partnered with the pregnant women for the length of the program.

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Contact Information
Karen Mims
Program Facilitator
817-534-6943 ext 13

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