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You have been assigned by God to steward well your time, talent, and treasure. It is your responsibility as a believer to consecrate back to God these sacred gifts through giving to the church and to others.

We only become good stewards over our God given resources, by seeking his divine guidance in the managing of all we earn, save, spend, invest, and give.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Giving

Why Tithe?
Tithing is giving 10% of your income. According to the Bible, the purpose of tithing is to teach you always to put God first in your lives. Why tithe is a question of priority. When we tithe, we are saying God you're number one in my life, and I trust you to help me to steward well the other ninety percent.

Gross or Net?
The most common view is that gross earnings is the amount of God's provision, and the tithe should be based on one-tenth of God's provision. Though scripture doesn't necessarily use the literal terms "net" or "gross," it is important to note that the spirit in which we give is of greatest value to God. He tells us in II Corinthians 9 that "each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give; not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."

What if I don't have enough money to tithe?
Giving 10% of your income to your church can be a frightening commitment, but God's word tells us to prove his word through our lives by trying Him. If scripture tells us to prove Him, and see if He won't open up the windows of Heaven, that our blessings will be overflowing, we must learn to trust that He is faithful to provide. God wants us to trust Him. Seek His guidance in how much you should give, and he will honor your faithfulness and obedience.

What if my income varies?
You can handle tithing with a fluctuating income in a couple of different ways by either giving exactly one-tenth of your earnings for each individual pay-period, or estimate your total earnings for the year and give a portion of the total tithe each week throughout the year.

Why do you accept credit cards?
Used within the parameters for which they were originally created, debit and credit cards can be an efficient tool for payments and purchases. Greater Mt. Tabor recommends to people who utilize them in place of checks or cash throughout the month to pay off the balance in full, at months end. Greater Mount Tabor strongly discourages those who have ongoing credit card debt from exercising this option.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ELECTRONIC - Giving

Who should give electronically?
Anyone who is looking for a simpler way to give. Anyone who would like to give to Greater Mt. Tabor Christian Center on a one-time or recurring basis.

What are my options for giving electronically?
There are a couple of ways to give electronically online: debit cards and credit cards.

When are electronic contributions processed?
Electronic contributions are initiated whenever you choose one-time or recurring.

If I don't write checks, how do I maintain my checkbook balance?
Your electronic contribution is made once, immediately the same day. Make sure your contribution doesn't overdraw your account, and deduct the amount from your checkbook at the time of making your contribution.

What if I desire to make changes to my electronic contribution?
No problem. You are in control...simply login to do it yourself or email your changes/cancellations to our Administrative Assistant, LaWanda Hurst at

Will my electronic contributions be included on my Statement of Contributions?
Yes, they will be included.

Is my contribution tax deductable?
Yes, anytime you give to Greater Mt. Tabor Christian Center, your financial gift is tax deductible.

My question is not listed here, now what?
Please email any questions you may have to our Administrative Assistant, LaWanda Hurst at

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